Announcing Skytear Horde: a solo and co-op tower defense card game

published4 months ago
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Some quick updates from the Skytear community before delving into today announcement:

  • August monthly clashes on the 2-lane map are starting next Wednesday. Sign up for Europe or Americas.
  • Outsiders Only podcast latest episode is Abandon the Game Store! , an interview with MeanLady, a very active player out of Colorado.
  • Skytear Sunday keeps delivering. The latest episode has been a wacky mode with inverted rune colors... have you ever seen Hogosai casting time warp?

We are delighted to announce Skytear Horde: a solo and co-op tower defense card game coming on Kickstarter this fall.

An arcane and unknown power has taken over the world of Skytear, controlling hordes of monsters led by its dreadful elementals, known as Outsiders. The legendary heroes from all the Realms have set aside their rivalries and forged an alliance to repel the common threat, once and for all.

The core gameplay of Skytear Horde is the combat between waves of monsters and your hero and troops defending the castle. If you played card battlers like Heartstone or KeyForge, you will find yourself at home.

Unlike those card games though, Skytear Horde is designed for solo and co-op play, rather than player versus player. To compensate for the "dumb" opponent, we designed a set of unique gameplay features to guarantee always tense and challenging games.

It starts with the asymmetric victory conditions. You lose if your castle is destroyed or if your deck runs out of cards.
On the other hand, to win it will not be enough to “just survive” the horde. You will have to find the resources to leave the castle and tear down the gates that are spawning the waves of monsters.

It’s up to you to decide the strategy to destroy the gates. You might try to rush out as quickly as possible sacrificing the integrity of your castle or choose a slower but safer approach (with the risk of running out of cards, eventually).

Either way, once the gates are destroyed, it will not be over yet. At that point the Outsider will join the ranks of the horde and to win you will have to defeat this legendary elemental that is leading the monsters (or lose trying!).

The most appreciated gameplay feature by the play-testers of Skytear Horde is the swarm of enemy minions. While monsters will attack your allies and castle, the little annoying minions will pillage your castle instead. Pillage is nothing but discarding cards from your deck, moving you closer to the losing condition of running out of cards.

To summarize it, the strategy to win at Skytear Horde moves along two axes. You will have to balance between defending and counter attacking but also between fighting the minions pillaging your deck and the waves of monsters destroying your castle.

There would be a lot more to say about the gameplay, but for a first announcement this should be enough.

Over the next weeks we will share gameplay videos, the illustrated rulebook, and even a playable prototype on Tabletopia and Tabletop Simulator. If you have any questions, feel free to reply to ask right away.

Happy gaming!

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