Last call to join the Monthly Clash and the World Qualifier (and some cool storage boxes)

published5 months ago
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Dear Skytear friend,
This Sunday is the last day to sign up for two upcoming online organized play events (if you are not into online play, scroll to the bottom of this newsletter as there are some very cool fan-made storage boxes).

July Monthly Clash on Ashen Pass

This is the perfect entry point for new players willing to dip their toes into Skytear. All you need is the software Tabletop Simulator and a basic knowledge of Skytear rules.

Sign up by Sunday and we will email you the pairings each of the following four Wednesdays. You will then have a week to schedule a day/time to play and report it.
We split Monthly Clashes across two regions to facilitate scheduling across timezones.

Ready? Sign up for:

If you have any questions, you can read more info here or just hit reply to ask me directly.

July World Qualifier (asynch!)

The World Qualifiers are the more competitive (but still very friendly) type of events.

For July and August we opted for the asynch format that is also used by the Monthly Clash.

In other words, we will send you pairings each Wednesday for 4 weeks in a row.
That will be the swiss stage after which anyone with at least 3 wins will proceed to the top stage (again played asynchronously in the following weeks).

This event will be on Ashen Pass as well. This way you can get some repetitions on this map with the monthly clash during the same period.

Useful links:

It's worth noting that just by participating to a World Qualifier you will earn Skytear Shards that you can use to redeem accessories and OP kits at the end of the year.

Cool storage boxes

Let's close this week newsletter with an incredibly sweet storage solution made by Brandon W. from the US.

The box above is designed with tournaments in mind as it fits exactly 6 heroes and their decks and tokens.
Brandon is working on a box to also hold the missing components like minions, the chosen outsider, and victory cards.

The pods above are designed with the MOBA-style draft in mind.

For that draft you need to pre-build a deck for each available hero and that's why he made individual pods.

This is the Etsy shop where you can get your storage boxes or even see more photos.
Note that we are not affiliated with the creator in any way, we just like cool things :).

That's all for this week, happy gaming!

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