New preset decks for the MOBA-style draft (no deck-building required)

published5 months ago
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Dear friend of Skytear,

Let's start with a nice photo to remind ourselves that, at least some countries, are getting a taste of normality. Here's a 10-people tournament held last weekend in Arezzo, Italy.

Now let's talk about the new pre-set decks for the MOBA-style draft.

With the recent release of The Breach expansion Skytear got 20 new power cards that unlocked brand new ways to play with hero conditions.

Experienced players are experimenting with new decks and synergies, but many of you, for one reason or another, prefer to play without any deck-building.

That's why we shared the MOBA-style draft. With it, you essentially build one 10-cards deck for each hero beforehand (it will take 1-2 hours the first time you do it, then 5 minutes to re-build them after each session).

Once you have these decks, you and your friends will be able to pick and ban from the same pool of heroes and be ready to play in minutes, without any deck-building, and with always different (but functional!) decks.

Here you can see the guys Team Covenant playing with this format last week:

Now, if you want to play with the cards from the latest expansion, the awesome community members maintaining this project (Clinton, Ian, tapeworm and wiwwt) have updated the preset decks:

If you did not get the latest expansion, you can just use the previous version of these decks here, and you're good to go!

Moving forward, we will keep all iterations of these lists available, so that no matter which expansions you have, you will be able to build your pre-made decks for each hero.

Last but not least, we have a new video of high level Skytear for you to watch. This is from episode 16 of Skytear Sunday, with Kalibra, the previous king, losing the crown to King of Jokes. Long live to the new king!

That's all for this week.
Happy gaming!


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