Play on the 3-lane battlefield: last call to join the Monthly Clash

publishedabout 1 month ago
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If you want a completely different Skytear experience, join me and play the next Monthly Clash on the 3-lane battlefield.

Most people I know played hundreds of games on the 1 and 2 lane battlefield but zero games on the "huge map".
The longer duration of the 3-lane map over the others was one of the main deterrent to play this bigger map, I'm sure.

This is not the case anymore since we introduced the use of 3 victory cards for the 3-lane map as well. You can expect a duration similar to the 2-lane map, around 3 turns and 90 minutes.

The best part?
Skytear on this map feels like a different game, I invite you to give it a try by joining the Monthly Clash starting next week.

For the ones not familiar with the Monthly Clashes, these are our entry gateway to online organized play.
Clashes are free to join events that only require Tabletop Simulator and time to play 1 match per week over 4 weeks.

If you need an intro game or even someone to help you get familiar with Tabletop Simulator, you can just ping the @Tutor role on Discord to get some help.

Registrations close on Tuesday 21 September and are split into two regions to avoid scheduling between far timezones:

If you sign up, on Wednesday 22 September you will receive the first email with week 1 pairings.

You will have a week to reach out to the opponent and play the first game. Then we will repeat 3 more weeks using the swiss pairings method (so that, in theory, you will end up with opponents of similar level).

If you do not want to build a deck, I suggest you just pick one of the preset decks from the presets tab here: (you can also spawn these in 1-click from within Tabletop Simulator).

Rules for the 3-lane map

You can find them in the Game Modes document but here is a quick summary:

  • 3 victory cards (you draw from all VC's except deny reinforcements that's exclusive to the 1-lane map)
  • Single outsider, both domes contribute to the same challenge
  • Wider Nexus and deployment area
  • Draft 5 heroes per player

Drafting will be mostly about where to place heroes in response to the opponent deployment. Since this map is huuuuge, committing to a lane has lasting consequences, unless you've shenenigans, of course.

Speaking of deployment, the Nexus and deployment hexes are now wider than before (similarly to what we did for the 1 and 2 lane map).

You can deploy in the outlined hexes above, while the solid hexes indicate the wider Nexus.
This way, if you destroy a tower on the side lanes, you will always be in reach of the Nexus.

And that's all.
I really hope to play with you on this clash, I've joined it myself!
Greetings from Gen Con :)

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