Skytear conventions (and a call for play groups and stores)

published13 days ago
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Over the last weekend, 300ish new players had a chance to play Skytear for their first time... and this sight filled our hearts with hope :).

These players were attending the biggest game convention in Italy, that's called PLAY.
PLAY was just one of three conventions we will be exhibiting at, the next ones being Gen Con and Essen SPIEL.

During the convention we also had a chance to run a friendly tournament with prizes for everyone. After more than a year of mostly online tournaments, we were real happy to touch cards and miniatures again.

Gen Con: Indianapolis, September 16-19

We will be in booth #2337 selling the Skytear product line with real good promotions and only one goal: create as many new players as possible!

In addition, the prototype of Skytear Horde will be playable there. You know, just in case you are into solo and co-op tower defense card games... 👀.

At Gen Con, we will also have 3 tables in Hall E where you can try Skytear 12 hours a day throughout the 4 convention days. To join these tables a free registration is required from here.

Almost all 250 places are booked except for a few slots... so do not wait if you want to try Skytear at Gen Con!

Cdubs, Tapeworm, and Bearcat are the three awesome community members helping you play your first game of Skytear (I will be there as well, but I'm not as awesome as them ;))

Call for play groups and stores

We are starting to map active groups and stores around the world to prepare the new 2022 organized play program. Our vision for next year is a covid-proof blend of physical and digital tournaments and events.

If you are a store interested in running Skytear events, or even part of an active play group willing to help run some tournaments, please reply to this email so that we can start mapping who is where.

If you are "just" a player looking for a group, check out the community map here. There are more than a thousand players mapped out now, and there's a chance some new groups can start this way.

If you see someone close to you, you can send them an email through the app by clicking on the marker and then their name on the sidebar.
We know it's less than ideal, but it's the best solution we could come up to help you find peers!

Happy gaming

Last weekend we also ran many demos of Skytear Horde. Feedback is 👍🏻 Stay tuned for more info about it real soon!

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