Skytear Organized Play program for the 2nd half of 2021

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While Covid forced us to go online, it is nice to see that people are starting to gather again and play in person! This is a photo from Poland, for example, with nachos and all that... :)

Please share pictures from your group as they make us real happy!

Skytear Organized Play program for the second half of 2021

Given the still uncertain Covid situation, we are continuing our online OP program as planned.

The second half of the year will have 4 more World Qualifiers and a last chance invitational event:

  • Sunday, July 11 – Ashen Pass, asynchronous
  • Saturday, August 28 – Tulane map, one-day
  • Sunday, September 26 – Tulane map, asynchronous
  • Sunday, October 24 – Ashen Pass, one-day
  • Saturday, November 20 – Last Chance invitational, one-day

All the one-day events will start at 3pm GMT and lasts about 6 hours.

The new element here is the introduction of 2 asynchronous tournaments to help people with busy weekend schedules.

The swiss stage of these events will be played over 4 weeks, with 1 match per week, basically using the same pace of the Monthly Clashes.

For the upcoming July Qualifier, the deadline to register and submit your decks is July 11th.
Week 1 pairings will be posted on July 14th.

For the September Qualifier, the deadline to enter is September 26 and pairings will be announced on September 29th.

Now I will leave you with two useful links to get deeper:

And these are the links to get your tickets:

Community Updates

Outsiders Only podcast episode 48 is out and titled: "Dammit I hit stop too early" -with special guest Smeoz.

Why did they call Smeoz on the show?

Because he won the Skytear Spring Invitational that we held last Saturday, of course!

You can re-watch the entire invitational, a 7-hour event!, on our YouTube channel.

The 8 players with the best 2021 ranking were invited to compete using decks made with a pseudo-booster draft format.

It was fun to see in action sub-optimal decks using cards that you don't see (or play around!) very often.

Stuff like a double trample on turn 5 for the win, or a gank to hide in a far-away brush and avoid the kill and breach the tower. Watch it yourself below...!

This is all for this week!
Happy gaming

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