Unforgotten: the next release coming this December

published16 days ago
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Dear friend of Skytear,
I am thrilled to announce the next release coming on December 3: UNFORGOTTEN.

Before getting into the details, a few updates from the community:

Outsiders Only podcast keeps delivering juicy episode... the latest episode is, amongst other things, about the spoilers they will be revealing. In other words: spoilers about spoilers... super meta!

GEN CON was epic for us! Thanks to community members Tapeworm, Cdubs, and Bearcat, we could demo Skytear to hundreds of new people and create a lot of new players from the USA.

Last week, we have seen a 16 people tournament from Italy and another one from Poland. We're getting back to normal! <3

Unforgotten Expansion

Unforgotten is an expansion with 2 dual faction heroes that worship both Taulot and Kurumo at once, helping you mix red and green heroes together.

In gameplay terms, when these heroes take a worship action you resolve both the green and red worship in any order of your choice. This is the third release of the dual faction cycle started with Stormsear and Winterdeep.

Unforgotten features a new type of power card with two runes at once that can only be played by heroes with both runes.

There are 5 blue/green and 5 red/green power cards. The same amount of blue/yellow and red/yellow cards will come with Untamed, the last expansion of the dual faction cycle releasing in 2022.

At the same time, we will also release a new set of 48 poker chips. With the existing 24 poker chips and the new set of 48, you will essentially replace ALL Skytear cardboard tokens with ever-lasting poker chips (spoiler alert: in this set you will also get the chips for the last 2 dual faction heroes releasing next year).

The release date for these products is December 3, 2021.

On a weekly basis we will reveal more and more cards.

Just stay tuned or click the big button below to learn a bit more about the release! :)

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